Sunday, March 23, 2008

Listening to Bambi

“The first rays of the morning sun began to filter into the dense forest. As the birds and animals awoke, they sensed everything in the air that told them this was to be no ordinary day. Even wise old Owl, tired after a night’s hunting, could not fall asleep. He, too, felt that something great was about to happen…”

That is the first paragraph of the story of Bambi, a little doe. This 24-page children story book is a special gift from the Danny’s for little Jagad. Danny is my colleague in Marketing Magazine as graphic manager. He has a wife named Lini who just launched her first e-book titled My Life is an Open Book. They have two children, Mikayla Karissa Denel and Gavryel Griffin Denel.

This Disney’s publication is completed with an audio CD. At the twilight before the Easter Eve, I played the CD and not long afterward the narrator started to tell the story accompanied on a soft soundtrack. While Jagad is taking milk at the breast, Jagad’s mom read the story written by Felix Salten slowly. This story is adapted as Disney’s production’s fifth animated feature by Perce Pearce and Larry Morey and directed by David Hand.

This book tells about life of Bambi, a little doe lived in the rich forest. The birth of this new prince brought happiness to all inhabitant. A little rabbit named Thumper was the first to spread the news throughout the forest. As spring turned into summer, Bambi took his first steps, following his mother as she walked through the forest. A gentle breeze blew a beautiful butterfly into the clearing. Bambi began to understand everything around him. At the grassy meadow Bambi found a new friend Faline, a little deer. They made a friendship. After the seasons were changing, something wrong happened. The forest was on fire.

Spring came again to the forest. Lovely flowers bloomed on the blackened fields. There was another great event! Bambi and Faline had a family too. And now Bambi becomes the Great Stag of the forest. This is the short review of the book.

Story telling has become our habit since Nat knew her first pregnancy. Every time we try to read aloud stories from anthology of short stories, especially Enid Blyton's. We believe this way could encourage the development of his brain. Instead of telling some stories, we also try to introduce Jagad to various music. For example classical music, jazz, songs of birds, Christian children’s songs, spiritual songs like Nikita’s, pop music even some poems of Sapardi Djoko Damono which put into music.

I try to give the best for my beloved son. He is my real Bambi!


G. Lini Hanafiah said...

the De.N.eL.s jadi disebut2 neh...
padahal ga seberapa lho...
syukur deh klo Jagad suka.
brarti Papa-Mamanya kudu bliin character BAmbinya juga?

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